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BBM Online Store: Tools & Accessories

Welcome to our online store. Here you can view product information and prices, and then buy them to be sent directly to you. Most of these are in stock, and can often be sent out the same or next day. Call us if you have questions, or need a product you don't see here.


Metal Roof Cutting and Shearing Tools

Cut & Shear

Snips, shear attachments, non-heating metal cutting blades, and more.
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Metal Roofing Bending and Hemming Tools

Bend & Hem

Hemming tools, turn-up tools, hand hemmers, and folding tools.
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Metal Roof Punching and Fastening Tools

Punch & Fasten

Hole punches, pop riveters, drill bits, and magnetic hex head driver bits.
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Metal Roofing Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Safety harnesses, lifelines, roof anchors, and coated gloves.
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Other Metal Roof Tools

Other Tools

Measuring tapes, caulk guns, chalk snap lines, and more.
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Metal Roofing Underlayment


Quality synthetic roofing underlayment, ice & water shield, and more.
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Metal Roofing Pipe Boots

Pipe Boots

Standard metal roof boots as well as split boots and high temp boots.
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Metal Roofing Ridge Vent and Closures

Closures & Vent

Rubber closures, ridge vent material, and expanding closures.
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Metal Roofing Sealants


Roofing grade tube sealant and butyl mastic sealant tape.
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Metal Roofing Snow Guards

Snow Guards

Variety of snow guards including stainless steel and clear polycarbonate.
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