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Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Delivery

One of the questions we get a lot is: "Can you deliver it to me?" The answer is usually: "Yes."

48 Locations

We work through forty-eight plant locations depending on the product. For vertical panels this is more critical, as it allows us to easily transport long packages of panels directly from the factory to the jobsite.

Metal Roof Semi Delivery

Cut-to-length Vertical Panels

Our cut-to-length vertical panels are shipped from 40 different plants, depending on the panel type. Nearly all of them manufacture our most popular 3 foot Tuff-Rib panel and commercial R-Panel, as well as other types. Twenty-two of these plants produce the Image II panels. Many plants maanufacture five or more different types of panels.

Even if the plant nearest to you doesn't make the panel type you need, we can still get it to you, usually at very reasonable delivery costs. Just give us a call and we'll let you know the location of the plant nearest you, and what delivery fees apply.

Metal Shingles, Slate, Shakes, and Tile

Because of their smaller size, we don't have to stock them at all of our locations. Instead each is shipped directly from the particular factory it is made at to the jobsite.

ArrowLine Slate and ArrowLine Shake products are both shipped from either the manufacturing plant in Hopkins, Minnesota, or from our location in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Metro Shingle, Metro Shake, Metro Roman Tile, Metro Tile, and Metro Cottage are all shipped from the manufacturing plant in Oceanside, California.

Decra Shingle XD, Decra Shake XD, and Decra Villa Tile are shipped from either a stocking warehouse in Knoxville, Tennessee; Claypool, Indiana; Birmingham, Alabama or our location in Cleveland, Tennessee.

KasselWood and Sentry are shipped from the manufacturing plant in Pelosi, Iowa.

Sapphire is shipped from the manufacturing plant in Northlake, Illinois.

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