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IMPACT Steel Buildings
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Metal Buildings Designed To Last

IMPACT® Steel Buildings are customizable from the ground up. Our specialized 3D software allows us to modify nearly every aspect of a building. Costs are provided quickly and engineer stamped drawings are provided with each order.

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Design & Size

Building styles are customizable and maximum sizes are typically determined by the width and height allowed in your wind and load areas.


Width and Height Depend on Loads
Lengths up to 900'

Gauge & Weight

Framing: 12, 14, 16ga as Needed
Roof and Walls: 24ga, 26ga, 29ga By Product

Warranty & Finish

IMPACT Steel Buildings are available in multiple roofing and siding options, each in various gauges and finish options. Unpainted Galvalume is popular for commercial roofs, while the painted options are popular for roofs and walls. Framing members are G90 galvanized.

Finish & Warranty

Galvalume Roof Or Wall Sheathing: 25 Years
Painted Roof Or Wall Sheathing: 40 Years

Sheathing Reflectivity

Energy Star® Rated

Purpose & Use

IMPACT Steel Buildings are our most versatile metal building system. Types range from standard gable buildings to contemporary sloped and gambrel barn styles.

Whether you choose to design a sleek modern steel home with a Vertical Seam roof or a commercial building with a heavy gauge PBR or IC-72 sheathing, IMPACT is more than capable of meeting your needs.

Minimum Slope



Open Frame

Florida Approvals

Florida Building Code (By Design)
Miami-Dade Hurricane Zone (By Design)




Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.

Building Code
IBC (International Building Code)
2015, 2012, 2009, 2006 - By Design
CBC (California Building Code)
2016, 2013, 2010 - By Design
FBC (Florida Building Code)
6th Edition (2017), 5th Edition (2014), 2010
LACBC (Los Angeles County Building Code)
2017, 2014, 2011
Energy Star®

Painted roof and wall finishes are Energy Star® rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.

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