Steel Self Storage

Investment grade storage systems.

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Cost Efficient, Modular Design

Steel Self Storage Buildings are permanent storage unit systems designed to handle the punishment storage units face every day. Intuitive materials and customizable options insure you get the design you want without sacrificing durability and life expectancy.

Design & Size

Steel Self Storage sizes include eave heights of 8′ 6″ to 16′, widths of 20-100′ and up, and lengths that are virtually unlimited. Interior partitions are customizable – typically 10′ (or less commonly 5′) wide with depths varying as needed.


20' to 100' Width, 8' 6" to 16' Eave Height
Lengths Virtually Unlimited

Gauge & Weight

Framing: 16ga
Roof: 26ga PBR-Panel or 24ga Central-Loc, Walls: 26ga PBR-Panel

Warranty & Finish

Steel Self Storage standard packages include Galvalume roof panels and a number of painted choices for wall panels and trim. An option to change the roof finish from Galvalume to paint is available.

Finish & Warranty

Galvalume Roof Sheathing: 25 Years
Painted Wall Sheathing: Lifetime
Red Iron (Std) or Galvanized (Opt) Framing: N/A

Sheathing Reflectivity

Energy Star® Rated

Purpose & Use

Steel Self Storage systems are customizable metal building kits designed for nearly any self storage situation. They are most commonly chosen as gable style buildings with a continuous over-the-top roof panel design. PBR-Panel is standard for roofs and walls, though Central-Loc is an available hidden fastened roof option.

Bolt Up Buildings are practical for everything from garages and workshops to barns and storage buildings. Standard packages meet IBC 2015, while the upgraded 145 MPH wind option meets Florida Building Code in every design.

Minimum Slope

0.5:12 Slope (PBR-Panel)
0.25:12 Slope (Central-Loc)
Other Slopes Available


Open Frame

Florida Approvals

Florida Building Code (By Design)




Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.

Building Code
FBC (Florida Building Code)
By Design
Energy Star®

Painted roof and wall finishes are Energy Star® rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.

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