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Tuff-Rib / Classic Rib Metal Roofing Panel

Tuff-Rib Classic Metal Roofing Panel

Our most popular panel, Tuff-Rib / Classic Rib Metal Roofing Panel is a great choice for both residential and commercial purposes. It is the most economical panel we carry. Tuff-Rib is also known under other names including MasterRib, Panel-Loc Plus, GrandRib 3, and other names. Available with a 40 year paint warranty, Tuff-Rib is a long lasting economical metal roofing or siding product. Many of our colors are Energy Star approved for great energy efficiency. We custom cut these panels to the half inch.

Tuff-Rib Panel Profile

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Lasting Strength

Tuff-Rib is an extremely durable metal roofing alternative to other materials, starting from the metal to the baked on paint finish.

We start with quality high tensile steel, coat it with a tough Galvalume® zinc-aluminum coating, pre-treat it with primer, coat it with a baked-on enamel 40 year warranted siliconized polyester paint system, then roll-form it to your specified lengths.

Because we cut Tuff-Rib panel lengths to the half-inch, you will save money on materials due to less waste, and time when you go to install them. A full line of trim and accessories is also available.

Watertight Design

Whatever you are using it for, Tuff-Rib performs. The trapezoidal ribs feature a built-in water siphon channel, which means that when extreme blowing rains try to get between the laps they are promptly siphoned down the panel. Just one more way that Tuff-Rib is superior to other systems.

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Evident Beauty

Tuff-Rib is available in a variety of colors to match any home. Whether your home's walls are vinyl siding, brick, or almost any other material, we have a color that will compliment it.

The Economical Choice

Tuff-Rib is not only beautiful; it is also our most economical metal roofing panel. Whatever your project type, Tuff-Rib can fit the bill.

We deliver Tuff-Rib from 36 different plant locations spread across the United States, giving us the capability to quickly and cost efficiently transport your materials to you.

If you need more information or pricing on Tuff-Rib, feel free to contact us at any time. Our representatives are there to help you, and are always helpful and courteous.
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