Through Fastened Panels

Through fastened roof systems are cost effective, long lasting, and beautiful. These high quality metal roof panels are fastened using color matched screws with neoprene rubber washers.

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Tuff Rib Product Tr P010 Thumbnail Tuff Rib Gallery Tr L021 Burnished Slate 1


Durable and cost-effective, Tuff-Rib is our most popular metal roof system.

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R Panel Product Rp P010 Thumbnail R Panel Gallery Rp L032 Copper Penny


Taller 1.25" ribs make R-Panel an excellent choice for low slope and commercial applications.

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2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P010 Thumbnail 2 5 Corrugated Gallery C2 L001 Patriot Red

2.5″ Corrugated

Our most popular wavy pattern, 2.5" Corrugated has medium height ribs for a great look.

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1 25 Corrugated Product C1 P010 Thumbnail 1 25 Corrugated Gallery C1 L001 Galvanized

1.25″ Corrugated

1.25" Corrugated is a low profile corrugated panel designed with wall use in mind.

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7 8 Corrugated Product C7 P010 Thumbnail 7 8 Corrugated Gallery C7 L035 Mistique Plus W31

7/8″ Corrugated

Deep 7/8" ribs allow commercial strength in a classic wave corrugation profile.

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5v Crimp Product 5v P010 Thumbnail 5v Crimp Gallery 5v L003 Galvanized


A traditional five “V” rib pattern, great for residential and agricultural roofs.

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