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Vermont Slate Appearance

ArrowLine Enhanced Slate provides the benefits of ArrowLine Slate with a unique paint finish, featuring multi-tones and a stunning shadow line. ArrowLine interlocks on all 4 sides for superior wind and storm protection. ArrowLine Enhanced Slate weighs about 1 lb. per square foot, allowing installation over standard decking and supports.

Arrowline Enhanced Slate Product Aleslt P001 Panel Side Angle
Arrowline Enhanced Slate Product Aleslt P002 Panel Overhead
Arrowline Enhanced Slate Product Aleslt P003 Panel Front Angle
Arrowline Enhanced Slate Product Aleslt P004 Assembly Side Angle
Arrowline Enhanced Slate Product Aleslt P005 Assembly Overhead
Arrowline Enhanced Slate Product Aleslt P006 Assembly Front Angle

Design & Size

We provide ArrowLine Enhanced Slate in 1/2 SQ boxes (50 square feet). Each box contains 12 shingles. Each shingle is 12.8″ high by 50.7″ wide and covers 12″ high x 50″ wide once installed.


Actual: 12.8" high by 50.7" wide
Coverage: 12" high by 50" wide

Gauge & Weight

28 Gauge - 0.90 lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

ArrowLine Enhanced Slate carries a non-prorated lifetime limited warranty and 30 year fade/chalk warranty. The finish is a Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® PVDF baked-on enamel paint over primer and G90 Galvanized steel. This warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners for up to 50 years after installation but becomes a pro-rated warranty.

Finish & Warranty

Lifetime Limited
50 Years Transferable



Purpose & Use

A 4-way interlocking design and hidden fasteners make ArrowLine Enhanced Slate a great choice for roofs as low as 4:12. As with most painted metal shingles, ArrowLine is designed for installation on solid deck applications.

ArrowLine Enhanced Slate is most often chosen for residential applications but also functions at a high level for light commercial applications as well.

A high tensile 28 gauge steel core allows ArrowLine Enhanced Slate to easily handle the high winds in Florida. (not approved for HVHZ / High Velocity Hurricane Zones).

Minimum Slope



Solid Deck

Florida Approvals

Florida Building Code


Light Commercial

Stone Blend
T-Tone Blend
Classic Red Blend
Charcoal Gray Blend
Royal Brown Blend
Statuary Bronze Blend

Three of ArrowLine Enhanced Slate’s six finishes meet Hi-Reflective requirements, reflecting 27-29% of the sun’s rays, but are not Hi-Reflective certified.
Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions.
Actual samples available on request.


Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.

Testing: UL Listed
UL 2218
Class 4 Impact Resistance
UL 790
Class A Fire Resistance Rating
UL 580
Class 90 Wind Uplift
Testing: Florida Approvals
FL# 4077.1
See report for requirements

Three of ArrowLine Enhanced Slate’s six finishes meet Hi-Reflective requirements, reflecting 27-29% of the sun’s rays, but are not Hi-Reflective certified.

Customer Reviews
114 Sam G Arrowline Enhanced Slate Stone Blend 001

Sam G. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Pictures of my gazebo roof – I want to let you know I really like your product everything came on time it was easy to install and it will last a lifetime

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144 Kevin C Arrowline Enhanced Slate Stone Blend 001

Kevin C. Fort Myers, Florida

Well I have made good progress this winter and am ready to order the final phase for garage and breezeway. Can’t thank you guys enough for getting me this far. I sure have learned a lot about roofing. Danielle, all the details you sent me when I got hung up helped me so much. I love this product. Gale, The pics are for you. Will send more when I get the tower erected and the garage and breezeway finished. Hopefully before the summer rains get me.

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118 Jane R Arrowline Enhanced Slate Charcoal Blend 001

Jane R. Hillsboro, Kentucky

My name is Jane Roark and we purchased the gray metal slate roofing last year to use for a replica of a one room schoolhouse that has been razed in Cambridge Ohio. The school was built in 1876 and destroyed in 1984. School was held in this school until 1952. During these years approximately 110 one room school houses were in Guernsey County Ohio. My Grandmother, Clarice Steele taught in this school called Slaughter Hill School for 8 years during late 1930s and early 1940s. During this time my mother, Martha Rose Steele King attended 3 years as a student under her mother. When the school was razed in 1984 all items were sold at auction. At that time my mother purchased the original bell. The bell has remained in the basement of my mothers home since it was purchased. My mother is now 86 yrs. old. So I asked my mother if I could have the bell. She agreed and asked that I do something with the bell. The best way to honor both my Mother and Grandmother was to built a half size replica of the school. The original school had slate as the roofing and so that is the story that brought me to your company. Thank you for an amazing product. We are so proud of the end product and how truly it resembles true slate. Attached you will find pictures of the replica of Slaughter Hill One Room School House.

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