Coastal Wave Tile

Euro-style strength of yesteryear.

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Luxurious Looks, Supersteel Strength

Coastal Wave Tile from True Nature offers a pan and low-profile barrel tile with the strength of 28-gauge steel. Coastal Wave is carefully designed to complement your modern structure. Carefully stamped for a Northern European appearance, Coastal Wave offers luxury and strength.

Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P006 Assembly Front Angle
Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P005 Assembly Overhead
Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P004 Assembly Side Angle
Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P003 Panel Front Angle
Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P002 Panel Overhead
Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P001 Panel Side Angle

Design & Size

We provide Coastal Wave Tile in 1/2 SQ boxes (50 square feet). Each box contains 10 tiles. Each tile is 16″ high by 55.125″ wide and covers 14.5″ high x 51″ wide once installed.

Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P007 Dimensions


Actual: 16" high by 55.125" wide
Coverage: 14.5" high by 51" wide

Gauge & Weight

28 Gauge - 1.00 lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

Coastal Wave Tile carries a non-prorated lifetime limited warranty, 40-year paint warranty, and 30-year fade/chalk warranty. Finish options include Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® PVDF or SMP Siliconized-Modified-Polyester baked-on enamel paint over primer and G90 Galvanized steel. This warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners for up to 50 years after installation but becomes a pro-rated warranty.

Finish & Warranty

Lifetime Limited
50 Years Transferable



Purpose & Use

Tight fitting top and side flanges and time-tested fasteners into the vertical leg of the panel make Coastal Wave Tile an excellent choice for roofs as low as 4:12. As with most painted metal shingles, True Nature is designed for installation on solid deck applications.

Coastal Wave Tile is most often chosen for residential applications but also functions at a high level for light commercial applications as well.

A high tensile steel core allows Coastal Wave to easily handle the high winds in Florida.

Minimum Slope



Solid Deck

Florida Approvals

Florida Building Code


Light Commercial

Terracotta (Expressence)
Black (Signature)
Ebony (Signature Matte)
Shadow Deep Gray (Signature Matte)
Burnished Slate (Signature Matte)

Coastal Wave Tile® finishes are energy efficient, reflecting 5-41% of the sun’s rays.
Standard thickness is 28 gauge.
Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions.
Actual samples available on request.


Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.

Testing: UL Listed
UL 2218
Class 4 Impact Resistance
UL 790
Class A Fire Resistance Rating
UL 580
Class 90 Wind Uplift
Testing: Florida Approvals
FL# 40929.1
See report for requirements

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