A secondary framing member to receive Zee Purlins.

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Receiver Channel for Red Iron Zees

Channels are secondary steel framing members that serve as a receiver channel at the end of Zee Purlin. They can also be used for a number of other applications either alone or welded back-to-back. Available in red oxide or galvanized, Channels are standard at 20′ long, though some locations can cut to length.

Channel Product Fch P001 Component Side Angle Red Oxide
Channel Product Fch P002 Component Front Red Oxide
Channel Product Fch P003 Component Front Angle Red Oxide
Channel Product Fch P004 Component Side Angle Galvanized
Channel Product Fch P005 Component Front Galvanized
Channel Product Fch P006 Component Front Angle Galvanized

Design & Size

Channel lengths are provided in standard lengths of 20’, though some locations can cut to length.


Width Varies by Use
Length: 20' Standard

Gauge & Weight

16ga: Weight Varies By Profile
14ga: Weight Varies By Profile
12ga: Weight Varies By Profile

Warranty & Finish

Metal framing components carry no specific warranty. Finish options include red iron (red oxide) and galvanized. Red iron is the more common finish and typically available in more sizes and gauges.

Purpose & Use

Channels are secondary steel framing members most commonly used as receiver channel for zee channel on metal buildings. Welded together, they can be used as columns, braces, and ties.

The shape of Channels does not allow end lapping – they are butted together. Fastening is most commonly using bolts, though welding may be applicable in some construction methods.



Red Iron (Most Common - AKA Red Oxide)
Galvanized (Verify Availability)

Available finishes vary by branch, size, and gauge. Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions.


Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.

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