Cleaning Painted Metal Roofs

Cleaning Painted Metal Roofing

Learn some common methods of cleaning painted metal roofing, from basic detergent to more stringent options. Often simply washing with plain water using a hose or pressure washer is adequate. When that doesn’t cut it – consider this care list.

The Mix

There are several options – the list below includes options that have been tested and proven in a number of environments, and on a number of painted finishes:

Heavy Dirt Deposits:

  1. One Cup of Simple Green or other non-toxic biodegradable cleaner with less than 0.5% phosphate – dissolved into 2 gallons of warm water.
  2. One cup of household ammonia dissolved into 5 gallons of room temperature water.
  3. One third cup of laundry detergent such as Tide per gallon of water.

Mildew or other Fungal Growth:

  1. One cup of household bleach and 1 cup of a mild soap such as Ivory to 5 gallons of water.
  2. 1/3rd cup laundry detergent such as Tide, 2/3rd cup trisodium phosphate, 1 quart of household bleach to 3 quarts of water.

The Wash

Work from the bottom to the top of the panels, use a cloth, sponge, soft bristle brush, or low-pressure spray washer.

The Rinse

After washing, rinse thoroughly with clear water to eliminate the potential of residue.

Other Info

For specific cleaning and maintenance – see the downloads below from several metal roof coil coaters.

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