FAQ # 005 – Does Metal Roofing Handle High Winds?

Faq 005 Does Metal Roofing Handle High Winds

More than any other part of a building, a roof is subjected to extreme wind gusts, hurricane winds, and tornado pressure.

Metal roofing excels in high wind conditions

Nearly every metal roofing model meets Florida Building Code, and a high percentage meet Miami-Dade HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) requirements.

While other parts of the US may not have the hurricanes that Florida is subjected to, the benefits are still far-reaching – with wind resistance for tornado-prone areas, windstorm areas, and general wind gusts.

Protect family and possessions

Wind and wind-borne debris can cause devastation – metal roofing is a clear answer for safety and protection against severe weather.

Protect your structure

When a roof fails, the entire structure is at risk. Choosing an investment-grade metal roof is a practical way to reduce risk and increase the chance of your structure surviving future high-wind events.

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