FAQ # 009 – Can I Order Metal Roof Panels Cut to Length?

Faq 009 Can I Order Metal Roof Panels Cut To Length

One of the greatest benefits of metal roofing panels is the ability to order them cut to length. This saves a tremendous amount of labor, waste, and hassle.

Any of our through fastened or standing panels come cut to the inch, typically from 3′ up to 45′

If you prefer to use two rows of panels, this is possible as well – it’s easier to lap through fastened panels. It’s still possible with standing seam, but requires careful planning, bending and hemming at that juncture.

What about angle cuts for hips or valleys on metal roofing?

Angle cuts must be made on-site – no option for factory cut angles. Consider using a TurboShear HD, long nose snips, or another nibbling tool to make these cuts.

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