Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® – PVDF Metal Roofing Finishes

Pvdf Metal Roofing Coatings

For over 50 years, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) has been the preferred metal roofing finish by building owners, architects, and contractors across America. While advanced SMP paints (siliconized-modified-polyester) come close in performance, PVDF is still the industry leader, with a great track record and proven performance

Wide Selection

From solid colors in every shade imaginable; to metallics, wood grains, and even custom printed paints, PVDF paint has options limited only to your imagination.

Long Life

Most PVDF finishes come with a 30-40 year paint warranty.

Keeps Its Color

Most PVDF finishes come with a 30-year fade and chalk warranty – anything outside is going to fade, but with a Kynar/Hylar roof you can expect about one shade of difference over a 30-year span.

Trust Ensured

Part of what you are paying for is the brand – when you specify Kynar/Hylar you are assured you have chosen the absolute top-of-the-line paint finish – true investment-grade metal roofing.

Solid and Metallics

Kynar/Hylar - PVDF Solid and Metallic Colors
Solids and metallics are still the most popular options for PVDF finishes – 90% of PVDF roofs are in these types of shades.

Rust Look

Rust Look PVDF Metal Roofing Colors

For a rust look without the stains and headaches, there is literally a finish to match nearly any weathered metal from galvanized and copper to zinc and lead.

Wood Look

Wood Look Metal Roofing Finishes
Wood finishes vary greatly – with many metal shake roofing systems available in 1-3 different special shades – also available in panels by special order.

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