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Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal roofing has many advantages. A few are listed below.


A properly installed metal roof system is virtually maintenance free for the lifetime of the roof.


Due to advanced coatings and high reflectivity, metal roofing is energy efficient and will save you money on heating and air conditioning costs.


Metal roofing can be installed directly over existing roofs using felt paper or wood lathing, bringing significant savings in both time and labor, in addition to eliminating the tremendous disposal problems associated with asphalt shingles.


Metal roofing does not warp, split or crack and is not affected by mildew, rot, termites and pests.


Metal roofing weighs less than most other roof materials, translating to lower transportation costs as well as construction costs.

Weather Resistant

Properly installed metal roofing systems will withstand intense weather (high winds, hail, snow and rain) far better than any other roofing material.


Metal roofing systems carry fire ratings that can reduce the homeowner's overall insurance rate.

Life Expectancy

A quality metal roof should last the lifetime of the owner.


Metal roofing is beautiful as well as durable and is available in many different styles, configurations, and colors to fit diverse architectural requirements and tastes.


Our metal roofing contains at least 25% recycled materials, and at the end of its useful life is 100% recyclable.

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