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How To Install Metal Roofing

How to Install Metal Roofing

Here are direct links to instructions on how to install metal roofing.
Click on any of the links below to download a PDF file with more information. Link will open in a new window.

PDF File Tuff-Rib / Classic Rib Installation Guide PDF File Metro Shingle Installation Guide
PDF File R-Panel / PBR Panel Installation Guide PDF File Decra Shingle Installation Guide
PDF File 5V-Crimp Installation Guide PDF File ArrowLine Shake & Slate Installation Guide
PDF File Image II Standing Seam Installation Guide PDF File KasselWood Metal Shake Installation Guide
PDF File Vertical Seam Installation Guide PDF File Metro Shake II Installation Guide
PDF File Snap-Loc Installation Guide PDF File Sapphire Installation Guide

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PDF File Metro Roman Tile Battenless Installation Guide
PDF File Metro Roman Tile Batten Installation Guide
PDF File Metro Tile Battenless Installation Guide
PDF File Metro Tile Batten Installation Guide

Tips for Installing Metal Roofing

  1. Make sure the first panel is installed square - all the other panels will follow it.

  2. On exposed fastener panels: While you don't have to predrill holes for your screws, predrilling panels will make it easier to get the screw lines straighter. - You can predrill a stack of about 10 panels at a time. - Make sure you measure for predrilling accurately.

  3. If you pop lines for your screws, make sure to use blue chalk, and NOT RED CHALK. Red chalk is very difficult to get off and can stay on for months, while blue chalk will usually wash off with the next rain.

  4. If you need to cut panels lengthwise, you can score them with a box cutter several times, and then bend it back and forth until it breaks off, producing a clean edge. You can also use tin snips or the TurboShear Drill Attachment for cutting them.

  5. Screw your fasteners in straight, and don't overtighten them. The best way to do this is to set your drill tension, preferably testing it out on a scrap piece of metal or on an area that will be covered over by a ridge cap or other flashing.

  6. Wear protective rubber coated gloves while working with metal roofing and flashings. This not only protects you from the sharp metal edges, it also gives you a better grip on the metal roofing.

  7. After you finish installing the metal roofing, make sure to brush off any metal filings / shavings that are on the roof. Otherwise they will cause unsightly rust spots where they rest on the metal roofing.

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