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Chris W. Alcalde, New Mexico

We re-roofed a rustic log cabin in the high mountains of Northern New Mexico using T-Tone metal shake roofing purchased directly from Best Buy Metals. The original roofing was heavy split cedar shake. We made this particular selection based on price and the information provided on Best Buy Metals’ website, which we consider superior to other similar websites. We are very pleased with the quality of this roofing and the T-tone looks, which is very similar to the original weathered cedar shake, as well as achieving a Class A fire rating by using Palisade underlayment. The biggest hurdle was finding a qualfied installer at a reasonable cost. Ultimately, we selected Joseph Rael of Joe’s Seemless Gutters and Roofing in Questa, NM. Although this type of roof was a first for him, he and his crew did an excellent job and we would recommend him to others. Thanks to Joe + Best Buy Metals, we now have the best looking roof in Wheeler Peak Village, possibly in all of Northern New Mexico.

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