Metal Roofing Panel Colors & Finishes

Metal Roofing Panel Color Options

Metal roofing panel systems come in a wide variety of colors ranging from subtle hues of gray, brown and black; classic shades of green, burgundy, and tan; to vibrant shades of blue, copper, and galvalume. Color options vary by region, product, and gauge, so make sure to check availability for your project.

Painted Metal Roof Colors

Metal roofing panels are most commonly painted – with baked-on finishes that typically offer a 40-year paint warranty and 30-year fade/chalk warranty.

Burnished Slate / Bronze

Burnished Slate / Bronze Metal Roofing Panel
A lovely brown/gray finish that appears lighter in direct sunlight and softer/darker as evening arrives.


Charcoal Metal Roofing Panel
An instant classic, Charcoal blends with any building design and ties diverse construction materials and colors together.


Black Metal Roofing Panel
Modern ceramic paints allow black metal roofing coatings to reflect 25% or more of the sun’s rays – propelling this rich finish to the forefront in color selection.


Green Metal Roofing Panel
Looks great with warm siding finishes such as wood, stucco, or vinyl siding – you may hear of Forest Green, Evergreen, or Hunter Green depending on your region.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta Metal Roofing Panel
Sometimes called Rustic Red or Colonial Red, Terra Cotta is that perfect shade of red. Some metal roofing comes in lighter or darker shades of Terra Cotta so request a sample if you’re looking to be specific.


Stone Metal Roofing Panel
A perfect sand/stone hue, Stone (or Light Stone) melds with both white or light-colored siding, as well as medium and darker sided structures.

Bright Red

Bright Red / Patriot Red Metal Roofing Panel
While your first thought might be a barn or commercial building, bright red metal roofing makes a wonderful finishing touch on log, colonial-style, and farmhouse style homes.


White Metal Roofing Panel
Reflecting up to 67% of the sun’s rays (depending on shade and coating), white metal roofing is popular in cold and hot climates, simple or upscale designs.


Burgundy Metal Roofing Panel
Found on farmhouses and cottages across America, Burgundy is typically matched to lighter siding such as light gray, white, and stone blends.


Tan Metal Roofing Panel
Often known as Sahara Tan or Sierra Tan, this “khaki” color pairs well with natural hues of stone and stucco, as well as most shades of brick.

Gallery Blue

Gallery Blue Metal Roofing Panel
Gallery Blue or Ocean Blue metal roofing is best paired with light colors – gray, white, pastels. The right wood or log home can also be a fit.


Brown Metal Roofing Panel
Wood, brick, or horizontal siding – tan, white, or ivory colors – Brown goes with a wide variety of colors, textures, and materials.

Specialty Metal Roof Colors

Moving beyond traditional, choosing Galvalume, galvanized, metallic, and HD coatings offer a unique appearance while maintaining the long life of a metal roof.

Copper Penny Metallic

Copper Penny - Metallic Metal Roofing Color
Metallic finishes feature flakes of metal for a realistic metallic finish – Copper Penny is the most popular, though other metallics are available. Copper Penny blends with nearly any house design and color – versatile and unforgettable.

HD Texture

HD Textured Metal Roofing
Textured HD metal roofing finishes, also known by “Crinkle” or “Frost” offer a unique take on classic colors. The luxurious texture must be seen and felt to truly appreciate.

Rusty Look Painted

Rusty Look Painted Metal Roofing
For those that want the look of rusty metal roofing, without the staining, corroding and short-lifespan; painted metal roofing with a unique “rusty-metal-roof” look is the ticket.

Galvalume – Unpainted

Galvalume Metal Roof Finish
Galvalume is a long-lasting zinc-aluminum alloy spangle that offers superior corrosion resistance. Painted metal roof panels typically begin with Galvalume and are then primed and painted, but Galvalume alone looks amazing – from many angles it will look nearly white, in other angles more of a gray finish. Not as “shiny” as galvanized.

Galvanized – Unpainted

Galvanized Metal Roof Finish
Galvanized roofs are the original – a 100% zinc coating with spangles that vary in size and shape. Often chosen on corrugated or 5V-Crimp profiles, it also serves well for steakhouses, rustic log cabins, and more.

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