Through Fastened Panel Installation

Installing Through Fastened Panels

Through fastened panels are long-lasting and install quickly. Below you’ll find install guides for our through fastened panels as well as tips and tricks to help your install go smoothly.

Through Fastened Quick Tips

While through fastened metal roof systems vary by design, these tips are both helpful and mostly universal.


  • If one side of the panel has a “leg” it goes underneath the other. This won’t be applicable to corrugated panels.
  • Never walk on a panel that has not been properly secured – it can slip out from under you.
  • To help keep panels square, put 2-3 panels in place without fastening them. Align the bottom edge of panels to the eave, including the 1-2” overhang as needed.
  • While handling panels (and trim) rubber coated gloves are vital. These will help prevent cuts and provide good grip on the panels. Insulated versions are available for cold weather climates.
  • In many cases you can fasten the top and bottom of all the panels on a roof plane, pop chalk lines for the in-between rows (always use blue chalk, not permanent red chalk), and then add the fasteners in the middle.
  • While optional with most metal-to-wood and metal-to-metal screws, you may pre-drill holes to help keep rows straight.
    • Prepare a stack of 10-15 panels
    • Have a cover sheet on top to prevent hot shavings from sticking to panels
    • Measure twice – pre-drilling is best done on straight run sections of roof.
    • Install at least 2 panels before pre-drilling the others to make sure you fully understand where you want pilot holes at.
    • Pay special attention to the top and bottom rows of holes, as well as holes near the lap sides of the panels.
    • A TurboShear HD makes quick work of both straight and angle cuts. Long nose tin snips are also helpful.


  • Water flows from top to bottom: trims and panels should be installed from bottom to top.
  • Some plants apply a strippable film to trim – peel this off during installation. If left on it can melt to the trim and is very difficult to remove.

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