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137 Daniel W Tuff Rib Cocoa Brown 001

Daniel W. Bonita Springs, Florida

The installation went flawlessly. We are so happy with the results. We have always had problems with leakage around the car port and lanai area and the new roof finally resolved those issues as we were able to extend the overhang on the mobile home. The color looks great on the trailer. We had some pretty severe rain storms just after we finished the roof and there is absolutely no leakage anywhere. Many of the neighbors asked if we were available to redo their roofs so I’m assuming they were quite impressed with the finished product. We made sure we put in two rows of roofing screws at the top and bottom of the tin so that hurricane damage in the future is limited. All in all, it turned out to be absolutely perfect for our requirements. This is the 4th house I’ve owned that I’ve replaced the roofing on. A little different in Quebec because of the extensive snow we get but the tin roofs hold up well and last much longer than regular roofing. I’ve included some pictures…

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